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WRAP One on One

This course, by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, is an overview of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP. The Wellness Recovery Action Plan was developed in 1997 by a group of people who were experiencing mental health challenges. WRAP One on One is designed for people who are supporting others as they develop their WRAP plans. Through interactive lessons, personalized planning tools, and descriptive examples, you will learn step-by-step guidelines for providing support to other people as they develop their WRAP plans. In this course, you will learn about the sections of WRAP which are: the Wellness Toolbox, the Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers Identification and Action Plan, Early Warning Signs Identification and Action Plan, When Things Are Breaking Down Identification and Action Plan, A Crisis Plan or Advance Directive, and the Post Crisis Plan. You will learn about what each of these sections entails, how you can support another person in developing each section of their WRAP, and some essential dos and don'ts of WRAP. While WRAP is a simple system, its use and the Values and Ethics that surround it are far-reaching and complex. This course explains the Values and Ethics, and how they are applied in helping someone develop a WRAP. The course includes numerous interactive exercises and case studies to help reinforce your learning. This course is designed to teach you only how to support another individual in developing their WRAP. If you plan to lead a WRAP group, or develop a WRAP program in your agency or organization, you will need further information and training. The specific training protocol for how to facilitate WRAP groups, which is a more complex process than supporting individuals in developing a WRAP plan, is beyond the scope of this course. Contact the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery (www.CopelandCenter.com) for further information on becoming a WRAP group facilitator and/ or integrating this evidence-based program into your agency or organization. You will find the list of WRAP and Mental Health Recovery resources, including information on becoming a WRAP facilitator, in the References section of this course.
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WRAP One on One
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